Managing director’s message In the name of God I feel absolutely honored and grateful to work for the most innocent people of the world. BEHESHTE EMAM REZA charity institution is based on humanity and honor of the people of the world. And I, as a member of the great movement feel honored to be beside you. I and my colleagues look forward for g reat happy days of our orphans with help of you, great human to bring them satisfactory and smile on their faces. BEHESHTE EMAM REZA charity institution swears not to spare any effort to improve level of life and manner of our orphans, and to work for increasing welfare of the children. In the end, I would like to thank you, great people and I am grateful for all your kindnesses. Perspective This institution with overemphasis on principles of family believes that, family is one of the most sacred and valuable gifts gifted by God to his creatures and orphans and children with bad parenting are deprived from this great gift. So the servants of this institution oblige themselves to bring back this sacred gift (family) to them. One of the important principles of family is flow of real and permanent kindness between members. This principle is one of the special principles of this institution trying to employ exp ert resources and training them, so that they can accompany the institution’s children from the beginning to the end and we avoid personnel move. Empowering and renewing families of these children who have been unable to support their babies, have been established by expert, cultured and committed social work unit. From the establishment day till now so many families have been empowered and we have taken their children back to their families and we have depicted a great goal for bereaved children which include 3 parts: Education, employment and marriage have to be considered for all children of this family. After those mentioned stages, our children will create an independent life from the institution but with help of the institution. Whereas this institution has been designed based on the principle of family, no board is installed on the entrance, and it is only a place to live like other families, with regard to this, in the great family of BEHESHTE EMAM REZA, there is no manager, psychologist, doctor, public cooperation office, guardian office and other units which turn a family to an offices and we all live together. In case of any need to a doctor, psychologist we will refer to their offices and we avoid employing them. We can summarize the perspective of the BEHESHTE EMAM REZA in two words: family and life Special activities in children heaven (BEHESHTE KOODAKAN( TRAINING Training programs including: personal hygiene training, life skills, extra classes, language and Koran SOCIAL WORKS To offer all social work services, to open social work file for children prioritizing their needs and referring them to the related centers, applying for ID cards for those children without ID cards, applying for child custody, empowering the families and parents to return the children to their families, opening bank account for all children (no one can use these accounts but children themselves above 18) EDUCATION AND TRAINING School registration in different regions (almost per 3, 4 children in one school), taking children for pre-school tests, to hold extra classes, to hire tutors, to offer Educational assistance books, to make connection to the teachers and to follow up educational condition of the children. MEDICINE After the reception, to complete the file and to visit children by Pediatricians, to carry out antibody test for those with ambiguous vaccination condition and to receive vaccination card through the hygiene center of the region and related follow ups. – Flu seasonal vaccination by the hygiene center – To refer and to carry out Eyesight tests and to provide glasses and lenses if necessary – To refer the children to the specialists and to follow up medical affairs of the children with Specific diseases – To refer and to carry out Hearing Tests and to provide hearing aids for the children with hearing disorders. PSYCHOLOGY – To open psychology file for all children – Assessment and diagnosis (IG and talent tests) – Life skills training, self-confidence training, – Personal- educational consultation – To refer the children to the AKHAVAN specialist clinic located at VALI ASR four way under Supervision of psychology and psychiatry experts and to follow up if necessary Cultural and sport activities – To hold birthday parties for children – To hold sport matches such as football and volleyball – To take part in organizational, school and national matches – To take children to sporty activities in Futsal and lawn salons weekly – To take children to theaters and swimming pools Swimming pool and sauna for disabled people This issue started from a sad and difficult story when disabled children entered into a pool for summer pastime and people objected to presence of the disabled children in the pool. The manager of the pool cancelled weekly programs of the children. This was difficult and painful for the institution, the manager of the institution decided to establish a swimming pool and sauna for disabled children next to the BEHESHT building in a land with 1000 sq area in 5 floors and two sections for men and women with the best designing and engineering methods. Not only the disabled children of BEHESHT but also all disabled people all around the country can use these Facilities without any cost and payment and they can spend happy times with their families and friends. It has to be mentioned that the children of the great family of BEHESHT who are ready to enter the job market can work in this complex (pool) after receiving high levels of training. Construction of this great complex let all disabled people use these facilities without any worries. The job positions of this complex create working opportunities for the children of BEHESHT. It has to be mentioned that construction of this project costs so much and takes time as well, so I would like to ask you, great people to help us finish this project. In the end I thank you for your kind cooperation. Branches of the great family of the BEHESHTE EMAM REZA Branch 1: located at region 5 of Tehran and it includes 2 sections Section 1: a complex with 21 children from 1 year old to 5 years old (18 boys and 3 girls) who live in a very beautiful, warm and friendly house with 5 rooms, kitchen, game room, bathroom and an open air environment establishing specially for kids for recreation using green environment and game -entertainment- learning tools. 12 female servants are supporting and helping these children who have been introduced as (MADARYAR) mother assistant and their major responsibility is to hug children which according to the psychologists and religion experts, many mental problems of human beings can be solved by this simple formula. Section 2: In this section which is one of the most lovely sections of the charity institution of BEHESHTE EMAM REZA, 24 orphans and ill kids live there, these kids are great humans which are deprived from parents only because of severe physical disability and being different from others (the children of this institution believe that for God nothing matters (being short or tall, beautiful or not, black or white, able or disable but kind and big heart is his criterion to measure humans). If it was not true then he never created beautiful or ugly, black or white. This idea helps these children to forget their severe disabilities and live with high confidence and help others. These children believe that one of the best adjective of God is his munificence so we’d better to grant and to rain in empty bowls and never think of whose the bowls belong to. This high confidence and good courses and the happiness in these children are the results of sympathetic efforts of devoted personnel. Branch 2: This branch is located at region 18 Tehran and it is one of the oldest among complexes of BEHESHTE EMAM REZA. 25 orphans between 17 to 21 years old live there since 5 years old. Some of them are studying at the college and some of them completed military service and some other are working which according to the motto of the institution (education, work and marriage) they still live in the great family of BEHESHTE EMAM REZA till they get married with the help of God and to start an independent life. The children of this institution have learnt to be great parents although they were deprived from having parents. Branch 3: it is located at region 17 Tehran which includes 40 children who live in two sections (6 to 12 years old and 12 to 16 years old) most of these children have families who could not support their babies for any reasons like poverty, addiction, divorce and etc. one of the most important principles of this great family is to empower and renew families of these children and social workers of the institution try to return the children to their families and they could return almost 40 babies to their families and to be supported in their own family. This principle is still continuing and it is one of the non-stop efforts of the social workers. Empowerment of families including: financial support, shelter support, psychologist and social work consultation, life skills, addiction treatment, entrepreneurship and etc. Branch 4: Located at region 2 of Tehran and 20 orphans between 12 to 16 years old live there. These children have been selected according to the IQ and education between children of BEHESHTE EMAM REZA and they live there. One of the major efforts of us is to create warm, friendly, happy and healthy environment for forthcoming education-scientific improvements of our children. BEHESHTE EMAM REZA charity institution Offices Address: BEHESHTE EMAM REZA BUILDING- next to the BEHESHT BUILDING- SHAHRE ZIBA THREE WAY towards HEMMAT highway- SHAHRE ZIBA – Tehran – IRAN Fax numbers: +982155642748 +982144360032 Contact numbers: +982144360031 +982144360032 Account number: 1318854820 Mellat BANK – Fayaz Bakhsh Branch Card number: 6104337964566507 SHEBA number: 480120010000001318854820 Card number: 6221061080005301 PARSIAN BANK (All bank accounts are in the name of BEHESHTE EMAM REZA affairs institution) URL: WWW.BEHESHT8.COM GMAIL: BEHESHTEEMAMREZA@GMAIL.COM INSTAGRAM: beheshtemamreza8 MANAGER: MR YOUSOF ASLANI. +989122869095

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